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Divorce Support Services


Divorce is a stressful and unsettling event for everyone involved.  A major relationship is ending, routines are changing and there are legal hoops to jump through to resolve child-related and financial issues.  As the family is coping with these changes, adults and children are probably experiencing volatile feelings (anger, frustration, sadness, sense of loss) that make the divorce process even more of an emotional rollercoaster.  


As a professional with extensive legal and mental health experience working with divorcing families, I can provide support that you and your children need as you navigate through your divorce.   The types of support varies depending on your individual situation - please contact me to discuss your particular needs and how I can be of help to you and your family.


Counseling for Adults


  • Help understand and work through the emotions of the divorce

  • Provide support and teach skills to reduce conflict and stress associated with the divorce

  • Assist couples who are contemplating or are in the middle of separation to work out the logistics of their separation and minimize its impact on the family unit


Parent Coaching and Mediation


  • Provide practical tips to parents on how to talk to their children about the divorce

  • Educate about latest research and best practices for supporting the children through the divorce process

  • Develop better communication and co-parenting strategies

  • Establish a neutral place for parents to talk about their children and the divorce

  • Consult on child-related issues that may come up during the divorce or post divorce process 

  • Address child-related disagreements in a way that reduces conflict and supports relationships

  • Work with the parents to develop parenting and custody plans that address the needs of the children and the family

Divorce Coaching
  • Provide education and guidance throughout the divorce process by exploring resources and offering practical advice based on our professional experience of working in the legal, mediation and mental health settings.

  • Develop specific goals as you go through the legal divorce process. 

  • Work with you collaboratively to help you reach your goals through all the stages of the divorce proceedings. 

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